We are happy to come to your location, wherever that is. But if you want to try something new and get to the heart of something, you sometimes have to change the perspective. We can support you in getting away from your normal everyday life for a while.

Belgrade (Serbia)
Belgrade is not overly beautiful. Why then choosing Belgrade? Because it is a fascinating, vibrant and creative town where you can explore hidden gems like in no other city on the Balkans. The best place for a seminar if you want to look at something with a different perspective and try something new. We will be there for you, not just during the workshop but also accompany you if you wish to explore the capital of Serbia.

London (United Kingdom)
Have you ever been to a seminar that started with a vernissage? Or with a walk through V & A? If not, then join us in London. Our team at BCLT group has the knowledge and the experience to make use of the big and beautiful city of London. It is a great place to offer seminars to your company combined with social activities and a cultural programme that will create beautiful memories.

Cologne (Germany)
Cologne offers a lot. Tourist attractions and cultural events play a significant role in this vibrant metropolis. The city on the Rhine and its surroundings have plenty to offer in this regard. And it has conference hotels as they should be. Modern and facilities that will provide you with everything you need for working efficiently.

Tarifa (Spain)
In the book "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho, the small town of Tarifa symbolises the beginning of a journey. Do you also want to start your personal journey in the most southern village in Spain? BCLT Group can offer your company a tailor-made training programme that is embedded in beautiful scenery with breathtaking views on Morocco. During your free time, you can enjoy various activities: Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, Surfing, Hiking, Scuba diving, Bird-watching and Mountain biking. But also just a relaxed stroll through the picturesque old town of Tarifa. Our team will make sure that everything goes smoothly.